EXTRA SINGLE ESTATE Château de Laubade


Aging over 35 years in general

Extra Single Estate represents the quintessence of blending at Château de Laubade.
It is composed of a rigorous selection of approximately 50 wine spirits, mostly aged for over 35 years.
This very high-class Bas Armagnac is a deep mahogany color, indicative of very long barrel-aging.

The bouquet reveals a broad array of intense, expressive aromas, including prunes, licorice, and toast, as well as walnuts, hazelnuts, and cocoa.
Its richness and length on the palate contribute to its powerful assertiveness.

Extra Single Estate makes an ideal pairing with desserts based on walnuts and chocolate, followed by a strong coffee.

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95/100, Finalist ‘Extraordinary, Ultimate Recommendation’ Ultimate Spirits Challenge, 2019



Prolong your Laubade experience by visiting the estate

We have a rich variety of terroirs, reflected in the many Armagnac blends produced at Château de Laubade.
Feel free to come and taste our Bas Armagnacs and visit the estate.
Visiter Château de Laubade

Winegrowing heritage

Whether you come to taste our wine spirits or visit the estate, you will learn the secrets of Bas Armagnac and discover all our special production techniques in a place with a rich historical heritage and well-maintained expertise.

Visiter Château de Laubade

First steps at Château de Laubade

Take the time to stop and taste three of our classic Armagnacs. Come and feel the pulse of the estate where history is being written every day. Share a precious moment with us and enjoy the traditional local welcome.

Visiter Château de Laubade

The essence of Château de Laubade

Get to know Château de Laubade by walking around the winery and vineyards. The estate also showcases monumental sculptures that shed an unexpected light on the Lesgourgues family’s passion for art. This unusual tour concludes with a tasting of five Armagnacs.